Industry Recognition and Influential Voices

  1. Oxford Blockchain Society

“It’s an honour to be alongside passionate people who are moving the needle(…) That’s what Forward Protocol is about, forward into the future. (…) We’re immensely proud to work together, moving forward in this mission.”

Keivan Samani, President of The Oxford Blockchain Society.

  1. PureFi

“We are partnering with Forward Protocol because we believe in its potential to move us closer to reaching our goal”

Slava Demchuk, CEO of PureFi

  1. XinFin XDC Network

“The global economy is connected in many ways, and the way to foster financial prosperity is by paving the paths to funding infrastructure development globally. We share a common vision with Forward Protocol in using blockchain technology to resolve these problems and we look forward to facilitating global economic opportunities together.”

Sunil Senapati, COO of XinFin XDC Network.

  1. AcquireFi

“Bridging real world assets and traditional businesses into blockchain can bring us closer to the original dream of crypto — mass adoption. Acquire.Fi is excited to partner with Forward to do just that!”

Acquire.Fi CEO Jan Strandberg.

  1. dApp Play Store

“Forward Protocol is an innovative way to onboard mainstream users to the blockchain.”

Joel King, Co-Founder & CEO of dApp Play Store

  1. Patex

“We are very pleased to have Forward as a partner. Their mission aligns with our goal to democratize Web3 and provide an easy and low-cost path for developers and entrepreneurs to innovate, especially in LatAm.”

Ricardo Da Ros, CEO of Patex.

  1. Rootstock, IOV Labs (Chain)

“The true value of integration lies not just in the technical benefits it offers but in the opportunity it provides for like-minded projects to work together toward a common goal. Our chain integration with Forward brings two blockchain projects together in a mutually beneficial partnership to unleash the limitless potential for progress.”

Bruno Almeida, Chief Marketing Officer at IOVLabs.

  1. Telos (Chain)

“Our collaboration with Forward is logical for many reasons. They have a solid team with a clear vision for their project. It also gives us a unique opportunity to promote blockchain solutions to different groups of users together.”

Peter Nguyen, CMO of The Telos Foundation.

  1. Linea (Chain)

“At Linea, we believe there’s more than one way to do it right. Sometimes, two right paths can merge to create a wider path for the next billion users to join the Web3 space. This chain integration partnership with Forward displays our readiness to explore innovative ideas with forward-thinking partners to achieve our ultimate goals together.”

Declan Fox, Senior Product Manager, Linea.

  1. Boba Network (Chain)

“The partnership with Forward Protocol will deliver customizable and non-technical smart contract solutions accessible and deployable on the Boba Network, further enriching the experience for those building on Boba Network and the rest of the ecosystem,”

Curtis Schlaufman, Enya Labs Global Head of Marketing, a contributor to the Boba Network.

  1. Aurora (Chain)

“Removing the technical knowledge barrier is essential for the future of the blockchain. This is the goal of the Forward project and they improved the long-term projection of the blockchain immediately they appeared on the scene. We are excited to be working with them to impact the future of the blockchain.”

Aliaksei Papou, Team Lead (Partners)

  1. ThunderCore (Chain)

“Collaborating with Forward is an amazing opportunity to work together toward our shared vision of creating a seamless integration experience for developers.”

Roger Hsu, CEO of ThunderCore

  1. Plena Finance

“Our partnership with Forward was an instant match, driven by our shared vision of making Web3 accessible and rewarding. While our projects approach it from different angles, the possibilities of our collaboration are boundless.”

Sparsh Jhamb, Plena Finance CEO & Co-Founder

  1. Bitliberte

“We are delighted to partner with Forward Protocol. They have a great product that helps to maximize the potential of our platform’s core product while helping our communities benefit from the limitless potential of Web3 and all its emerging opportunities.”

Vaibhav Seth, CEO and Founder of BitLiberte.

  1. Airlyft

“There is a much need towards a value driven decentralized economy and the open source toolkit provided by Forward Protocol to achieve value is formidable.”

Chandra Bhushan, AirLyft Co-Founder

  1. XDAO

“We both believe in value-driven economies, DAOs, transparency, borderless communication, and cooperation. Together with Forward Protocol, we share the common goal of making DeFi dApps more user-friendly and accessible for all.”

Vladislav Shavlidze, CEO & Сo-Founder of XDAO.

  1. Stasis

“Our collaboration with Forward represents a strategic alignment of two like-minded teams profoundly driven by innovation and dedicated to advancing the Web3 domain. This partnership allows us to explore novel possibilities and contribute positively to the progression of our industry.”

Gregory Klumov, STASIS CEO,

…and dozens more.

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