Guide to Uploading dApp Templates

  1. After signing-up (as a Developer) and logging into Forward, you will be greeted with the ‘Getting Started’ page.

  2. To start building dApp templates for the Forward Marketplace, click on ‘Factory’ or click the button ‘Upload Contract’.

  1. Once on the Factory page, click on the ‘NEW CONTRACT’ button to upload your smart contract and start building.

  1. On the ‘Create Template/Upload contract’’ page click on ‘Drop or select contract files in .sol format.’

  2. Ensure your Contract compiles. (can be checked at )

  1. After the Contract has been uploaded, the Contract’s name and Solidity compiler version will be shown.

  2. If the details are correct, click ‘Save’ to proceed to the ‘Compile’ section.

  1. On the ‘Create Template/Compile’ page, the Contract’s ABI and Bytecode will be displayed to show that the contract successfully compiles.

  2. Click ‘Save’ to proceed to the ‘Map tags’ section.

  1. On the ‘Create Template/Map tags’ page, insert easily understandable explanations for each of the Contract’s functions which are available to call.

  2. These tags are for the end-users to understand what the function is doing.

  3. Once all function tags have been mapped, click ‘Save’ to progress to the ‘Create Template’ section.

  1. On the Create Template/Create template’ page, select which application type to build.

  2. This guide will use the type ‘Application’ to build a SPA (Single Page Application).

  3. A blank canvas will be created to start building your dApp template.

  1. Start dragging and dropping your desired components from the column menu on the right to build your dApp template.

  2. All the ‘Contract Integration’ and ‘Front-end’ component building blocks which are ready to use are displayed here.

  1. Additional tools such as ‘full screen mode’ , ‘add custom code’, ‘delete’, etc. can be found on the top horizontal menu.

  2. Once you have built the front-end of the dApp template, click ‘Save’ to progress.

  1. On the Create Template/Publish to marketplace’ page, start filling in all the details associated with the dApp template.

  2. Details such as:

  • dApp Icon

  • Select Fee Type

  • Description

  • Deployment Tutorial

  • Version

  • Provider

  • Audit Report (if any)

  • Categories

  • Tags

  1. These are the details users in the Marketplace will see when selecting a dApp to deploy.

  1. Once all the dApp details have been inserted, your dApp is ready to be released to the Marketplace.

  2. Click ‘Save’.

  1. Once ‘Save’ has been clicked, a ‘Finalize Contract’ modal will appear.

  2. Click ‘Release to Marketplace’.

  3. By clicking on ‘Release to Marketplace’, your dApp template will be displayed in the Forward Marketplace, ready for anyone to deploy.

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