Go-To-Market Strategy

Forward Protocol uses both B2B and B2C models to acquire new users. The objective is to onboard various applications, organizations, companies, partners, individuals, and so on to adopt Forward Protocol.

Simplicity Obsession

At Forward, we are deeply committed to simplifying the blockchain experience for our users. We believe that blockchain technology should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. Here's how we make it simpler:

User-Friendly Wallet Integration

Forward seamlessly integrates various wallet options, including Vently, alongside popular choices like Wallet Connect and Metamask. This ensures that even users unfamiliar with wallet setup can start using Forward immediately upon signing up. We also provide options like Account Abstraction and non-custodial wallets to facilitate smoother user onboarding.

Gasless Transactions

Forward Protocol extends the blockchain infrastructure to companies and organizations who aren't familiar with navigating the complexities of blockchain. These organizations will be able to use the deployed applications with the same ease and familiarity as other applications they use daily.

Instead of making users of the organization pay fees at every step, traditional applications absorb these as ‘infrastructure costs.’

Forward Protocol will provide a gasless transaction experience to enhance the ease of blockchain adoption. You wouldn’t use most applications you use today as much if you had to pay gas at every turn!

User Onboarding

Developer Onboarding and Hackathons

Taking a cue from blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Solana, and their successful hackathons, Forward Protocol places a strong emphasis on developer onboarding. By organizing hackathons and providing comprehensive resources for chains, Forward Protocol aims to attract and nurture a community of skilled developers and designers to contribute templates to Forward Factory that can be used by non technical users. These events not only serve as a platform for skill development but also act as catalysts for innovative decentralized application (dApp) creation, aligning with the objectives of the chains.

B2B Organization Adoption via Accelerator Collaborations

Forward has forged strategic partnerships with a multitude of accelerators and incubators, serving as a vital gateway for their affiliated companies to swiftly launch dApps. This symbiotic relationship has not only attracted a substantial client base for asset tokenization but has also led to continuous growth in Total Value Locked (TVL). Importantly, these clients represent a durable revenue stream for Forward, as their legal obligations ensure their long-term commitment.

The success of this approach is evident in Forward's remarkable Q4 2023 revenue of $500,000, catapulting it into the league of rapidly flourishing startups with a strong revenue generation track record.

Education Partnerships with Schools and Universities

Forward Protocol will collaborate with schools and universities, especially blockchain societies. By fostering partnerships with educational institutions, Forward Protocol aims to introduce blockchain concepts, development tools, and the Forward Factory to students. This proactive approach provides tool and a route to market for developers entering the blockchain space and increasing number of new untapped user market every year for Forward.

B2B and B2C Integration

Forward Protocol's B2B model aligns with success stories like IBM Blockchain, showcasing the potential for business-to-business integration. By attracting applications, organizations, and companies to use Forward Protocol to deploy market-ready templates, the platform seeks to create a robust sustainable clientele with higher revenue baseline. Simultaneously, Forward Protocol recognizes the importance of users in the B2C space. By offering a seamless experience through Forward Factory, the platform caters to non technical individual users who can easily deploy and customize dApps.

Ad Networks and Marketing Partnerships

Forward Protocol capitalizes on the evolving landscape of ad networks and their revised terms to welcome blockchain companies into the fold. This strategic move aims to bolster our B2C lead generation efforts through intent-based advertising and other ad network strategies. Through deliberate partnerships with marketing and ad networks, our platform is set to broaden its horizons, reaching a more extensive and diverse audience.

This multifaceted approach not only entices users but also motivates organizations and businesses to seamlessly integrate Forward Protocol into their operations. The allure lies in the promise of amplified visibility and engagement, making it a win-win proposition for all parties involved.

In summary, Forward Protocol's go-to-market model is a culmination of strategies from diverse case studies within and outside the blockchain space. By strategically incorporating elements like hackathons, education partnerships, and marketing collaborations, Forward Protocol aims to create a holistic ecosystem that not only attracts users and developers but also drives increased on-chain transactions, ensuring the platform's longevity and impact in the blockchain industry.

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