Guide to dApp Deployment

  1. After signing-up and logging into Forward, you will be greeted with the ‘Getting Started’ page.

  2. If you already know which dApp template you would like to deploy, use the ‘Search for smart contracts’ bar at the bottom of the page and start typing.

  3. If you would like to see all the available dApp templates ready to deploy, click on ‘Marketplace’.

  1. On the ‘Marketplace’ page, select different ‘Categories’ and ‘Keywords’ to filter and search through the available dApp templates to deploy.

  1. Or you can scroll down the ‘Marketplace’ menu to click-select the dApp template you would like to customize and deploy. (For this guide, we are going to customize and deploy the ‘ERC20_Mintable_AccessControl’ dApp template to Polygon)

  1. Once on the selected dApp template page, you are able to see all the relevant information regarding the template.

  2. Information such as:

  • Contract Description

  • Features

  • Deployment Tutorial

  • Functions

  • Meta-Info of the template.

    • Deployment Instruction

    • Recent Deployment

    • Last Published

    • Solidity Compiler

    • Version

    • Creator

  1. After checking all the relevant information, and when you are ready to proceed, click on the ‘Deploy’ button to go to the ‘Purchase Template’ page to start customizing.

  1. On the ‘Purchase Template/Edit your template’ page, click on the ‘full screen mode’ button to start customizing your template in full screen.

  1. Now use the tools on the top horizontal bar to select different options such as:

  • Screen size and orientation

  • View components

  • Preview

  • View code

  • Undo

  • Redo

  • Import

  • Delete

  • Edit code

  1. To start customizing the template and its components, we need to interact with the tools on the right hand side of the page.

  • Component tools such as:

  • Style Manager

  • Settings

  • Layer Manager

  • Blocks (components)

  • Screenshot (pages)

  1. By selecting ‘Blocks’, you can now drag-and-drop all kinds of different front-end components into your template to customize it to your liking. Lower down in the menu you will also see the ‘Contract Integration’ components, which are all the available smart contract functions this template can call to interact with your dApp once deployed.

  1. Once you are happy with your template customization, exit ‘full screen mode’ and click the ‘Save’ button to proceed to the next page.

  1. On the ‘Purchase Template/Deployment’ page, fill in all the required information to get your template ready for deployment.

  2. Information such as:

  • Network - Choose a chain

  • Icon

  • Application Name

  • Application Description

  • Subdomain

  • Initialize:

    • Token name

    • Token Symbol

  1. Once you have filled in all the required information, your customized template is ready to be deployed to your desired blockchain.

  2. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to start with the deployment process.

  1. Follow the on-screen prompts that are provided by your connected wallet platform to confirm the deployment transaction.

  1. Once your dApp has been deployed successfully, you will be redirected to the ‘My Applications’ page to start interacting with your dApp.

  1. To start interacting and transacting with your dApp, click on the ‘Use’ button.

  2. This will open a new browser tab to the subdomain that you have deployed your dApp to, as seen in the example below.

  3. The features of your deployed dApp can now be used, as it is ready to be interacted and transacted with.

  1. If you would like to check additional dApp information or adjust certain settings, click on the ‘Admin’ button.

  2. On the Admin page all your dApp’s control flow functions are located for you to adjust as you please.

  3. These dApp functions reflect only this particular template and each template will be different, depending on the template creator.

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